Childhood Memories …

Who hasn’t spent hours of their childhood (and hours since then too) rolling around on wheels of some sort.  Whether it be your old bike with the banana seat, your big brothers cast off wooden skateboard with the rock hard wheels or rollerskates.  I had the metal ones that you strapped on over your gum boots … …Ahhhh … those were the days, summer afternoons playing on the driveway on the skates, doing the splits on the steep part of the drive way with one foot on the ground and the other one on the run away skateboard!  Or having races with the neighbors while riding our bikes around the farm … Where has all the time gone? It only just feels like it was yesterday!

My niece had some of the funkiest roller skates, blue ones with yellow, red and white stripes and yellow wheels.  My daughters have loved these skates and have spent plenty of time rolling around in them, both inside the house and out … so all I need to do now is just look at these skates to bring all my childhool memories flooding back.

I hope you get the same wonderful experience as me … Enjoy the memories …



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4 responses to “Childhood Memories …

  • Dorrie

    I was surprised to find out that the niece who so graciously passed on those blue roller skates was my daughter – isn’t she nice! These skates have travelled the world somewhat. Perhaps they will give your girls wings too!

  • lindasphotoart

    Thanks Jono – a very helpful critique – now that I know what works! hehe
    Cheers Soad – I like yours too – of course!!!!

  • jonfen

    I’m too young to have memories… haha =P kidding. The first two are definitely my favourite shots from this post. The depth of field, composition and framing all work together quite nicely in those two. The first one is kind of sneaky and the second is playful just lying in the grass. Nicely done =) (how did you like my critique attempt?)

  • Soad

    very cool roller skates Linda, and very awesome photo’s!

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