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Got up this morning and had my ritual coffee and computer time.  Looking through the latest edition on our online newspaper and found the ‘Wedding of the week’ – I love going through this section as I find lots of inspiration in the photographs for weddings I am photographing.  Well – I couldn’t believe my eyes – right there is Karlene and Yohay’s wedding – with my photos!!!! What a buz … I am still tripping about it!  Nothing like sharing the love!

Thanks guys and congrats on such a fabulous day !! XX oo XX !!

Check it out … (am trying to figure out how to do the attachment but here is the link anyway)



… Terri + Jacob + Brilee = Gorgeous Family …

I love nothing more than a family photo shoot on the beach – especially when the family has somebody as special and gorgeous as wee Brilee.  

Had a lovely time before Christmas on Raglan’s skate bowl beach capturing these memories for this wonderful new whanau … … Cheers guys 🙂


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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 1,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 3 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Spring is here … … summer’s next … …

Love the fact that spring brings so many more beautiful things to focus on … …

Kaley and Anthony – Beautiful June wedding in Whaingaroa … …

Congratulations to Kaley and Anthony on their wedding on Sunday June 3 2012.  

A garden wedding, photos on the beach and all with the most amazing weather and sunset.  It looks tropical!

Beautiful photos for a beautiful couple … … …

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Take a closer look … … The wonders of Photoshop

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Finally it is the summer holidays and I have a chance to play around with photo shop. Stay tuned – there will be more before the holidays are over … … …

Beach … Picnics … Friends … …

Teenagers + Camera = Photo shoot … …

Gotta love having willing photography objects – cheers guys for that 😉

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Whaingaroa Youth Movement “Welcome Home”

On Saturday 3rd December 2011, the students from Whaingaroa Youth Movement had their annual dance show.  This year the show was in Wainui Reserve in the gardens.  Once again Patti and her students (all girls this year again) put on a show to be proud of.  From cute little 5 year old ‘pukeko’ to the seniors who were the ‘wahine’.  There was a huge turn out this year of family and friends all sitting on picnic blankets under the trees eating their picnics, sipping wine, chatting and laughing with each other.  Music was floating all around the park as we were all entertained by our tamariki.  There were even a pair of ‘seagulls’ entertaining us from high up in the sky (two very talented circus performers displaying their ribbon climbing skills!)

Thank you Patti and all the members of the Whaingaroa Youth Movement for your dedication and amazing talents to make your entire community proud.  This is a gift that our children will carry on through their lives, to be able to stand tall, move gracefully and dance in tune to life’s beat XXX 

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Things that are broken – a photography challenge …

Every week I get an email from the Digital Photography School with lots of interesting articles, tips and challenges.  I just couldn’t let this one go past without giving it a go. (and if you know me at all you will know that there is no shortage of broken things at my house)

The dog photo is included in this post – not because she is broken – but because she is really peeved with me, I just gave her a bath and she wouldn’t look at me or acknowledge me for the entire afternoon – I think I might be forgiven now, but I have no way of telling because she is fast asleep in front of the heater (with her back to me oddly enough!?)  Oh well, I am sure I will be the love of her life again tomorrow at breakfast time.

Enjoy the post … can you tell what each photograph is of?


It’s always sad when someone who is loved so much has to leave …

… days like this you tend to look around you through different eyes.  There are people carrying on like nothing has happened.  They still whinge about the same old (unimportant) stuff.  Their husband didn’t put the toilet seat down, their kids are not getting high marks at school (never mind that they are really nice kids who are happy), their bank account is empty (dah – you are driving a really flash car that uses way to much petrol).  they hate their job (hey – just be grateful you have one).  Some people are so unhappy with what they have that their mouth is permanently turned down and when they do try to smile it scares small children … 

… Can’t the world see that there are people out there with real hurts, worries, sadness and losses? Can’t we just stop and appreciate what we have?

On Thursday the world lost a beautiful, loving, giving and kind woman, mother, wife, friend and support person.  The hardest part is thinking about who she has had to leave – it would have broken her heart to have to go so soon.  Life is unfair – why do the good people have to suffer?

Janet – you will always be remembered for your thoughtfulness, willingness to put others before yourself, your baking! (oh yes – those cakes!!!), your cheeky laugh, those unexpected swear words that just popped out when you least expected them, your wicked sense of humor, your calming influence and the fact that any time anything at all went wrong there was only one thing to say …

… … … Here’s to you … … …

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